Aenyr v1.2 visual spoiler

It’s been 8 months since Aenyr v1.00 came out. During that time, I’ve had plenty of time to continue the playtesting for limited. And, something that I didn’t think could be possible, Aenyr has entered an online custom constructed format, which allowed me to further develop the set and balance it out even more.

The 1.1 update was mainly to fix some problematic cards in constructed and find some new car for many cards. The 1.2 update is the big brother of 1.1 and is worth posting here. It had three main goals:

  1. World building: This is the first of a series of 1-4 updates that will reinforce the general cohesion of Aenyr as a world. Many cards have new names, new art and even new creature types. Known characters also start to be referenced more in flavor text and art. Also, the humanoid races of the plane will be more represented at common and uncommon, especially Aven and Vampires.
  2. Constructed fixes: Some cards were way too good for a standard environment power level and have been nerfed appropriately.
  3. Limited fixes: The Satyr and Mill archetypes both received slight buffs and some cards that were never picked or played were changed to fill some holes in the limited gameplay, such as a lack of original combat tricks

The set is getting closer and close to being finished now. I’m very happy with the general card balance, and the next few updates will mainly be focused on the set’s story before I start working more seriously on the second set of the block, which will be called GRAND FINALE.


Useful links

About Aenyr


Set download for digital play

  • Cockatrice XML file (Download it and save it in your C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Cockatrice\Cockatrice\customsets)
  • .ZIP images file (Download it and extract the images in a new folder called AYR which you have to create in C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Cockatrice\Cockatrice\pics\downloadedPics)

(Cards are obviously not for sale)

Click here to be redirected to the set’s Planesculptor page, where the cards are organized by color

Note: To draft this set, I recommend boosters of 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare (with 1/8 chance to be a mythic) and using the basic land slot to put any nonbasic land from the set weighted by rarity to increase the fixing as it’s a multicolored set.

Logo design by Oddsbod
Boosters design by Inanimate
Set by Zervintz, 2016-2017


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