About Door to Nothingness

Who are you ?

Known on Reddit and MtGSalvation as Zervintz, I started designing MTG custom cards almost one year ago, when I found Magic Set Editor.

What is Door to Nothingness ?

This is my custom Magic: The Gathering cards portfolio.

You can either find individual cards I created based on various known fantasy universes or custom mechanics I created.

I also work on other projects you should check out, such as making each Class from World of Warcraft into MtG cards and custom sets.

Where does the art come from?

Not being an artist, I never create the images used on the cards myself. Therefore, I don’t claim to have any rights on them, which I find everywhere on the web. The credit is given to the artist on the bottom of the cards.

How do you create the cards?

Regarding adaptations of fantasy universes characters, I don’t care as much about the card being balanced than about it respecting the essence of the character or of the represented phenomenon. That being said, feel free to comment on the cards that seem too powerful and I will gladly take your comments into consideration and discuss the cards with you!

Concerning the cards that I make for a custom set, I want them to be as balanced as possible in a limited or extended environment. I rely on various articles concerning the creation of custom sets and I try to make them as Wizards would.

The cards are created using Magic Set Editor.


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