The end of Aszakir

Aszakir was my first custom set project.  It started about a year ago.

“I want to make the feeling of a “Chaotic World” to have a direct impact on the game.
I will do this by trying to make the five colors feel unique and interacting in new ways with elements of the game.”
—Aszakir design goal, taken from the main MtgSalvation thread

After a few months designing cards for this project, I realized how flawed this design goal was. It made Aszakir not feel like a set as a whole but more like a mashup of original design ideas I’ve had during the time I worked on it. This led me to close Aszakir’s main MtgSalvation thread and start working on a new project, Kazundoo. There, I wanted to make a set that flavorfully felt more like one. I think I really succeded on the flavor level, but I had issues with the mechanics and how they interacted with one another, so I also put this project on hold. I didn’t want to stop designing cards so I started to work on a third custom set, Ænyr.

To this day, Ænyr is my favorite project and I really like creating cards for this Art World. I also don’t want my work on Kazundoo to go to waste as I’m thinking about making duel decks or something similar. Because of all those much cooler ideas I have, I decided to stop the Aszakir project for good.

This is a compilation of my favorite cards from that project.


Featured image art by Michael Gauss on Deviantart.


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