Here is a wordy but interesting  mechanic I made for a B/R Dwarf faction. The Ghurzad are greedy and reckless in their neverending search for gold.

Dig [Number] (Exile the top [Number] cards of your library, then put a colorless Gold artifact token onto the battlefield for each land card exiled this way. They have “Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.”)

It’s red because it’s reckless, and it’s black because it’s greedy. Giving up cards in exchange for ramp/artifacts is clearly B/R to me.



I just looked back at my Burning Blade Elite card from a few weeks ago and I figured that this mechanic needed some reworking. I finally came up with a version that I like and that I might use in a future custom set/duel deck: Reflection. What’s cool about it is  that it can be used both defensively and offensively.

Reflection [Cost]  (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, you may pay [Cost]. If you do, put a token onto the battlefield that’s a copy of this creature and change the target of the spell to that token.)

Note that this ability can be chained and used multiple times if you have enough mana to affort it.

Burning Blade Elite, Keeper of the Grove & Shadow Hunter

Three cards inspired by Warcraft III heroes!

Burning Blade Elite

Burning Blade Elite
The blademaster. A swift orc warrior that can summon mirror images to confuse ennemies. I felt like that needed to be a keyword so I could use it on more custom cards in the future.

Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter
Another Orc (well, troll) hero in Warcraft III. Its three abilities are actually all its non-ultimate spells in the game. White: A heal that chains to nearby allies. Red: A Totem that attacks ennemies for a short duration. Black: Hex. It transforms an ennemi into a frog for a brief time.

Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the grove
A Night Elf hero. They are wardens of the forest, and in the game, they can animate the trees into Treants. That’s where it takes its ability from. Plus, I made it a choose one to relect the druid cards in hearthstone that also have modal abilities.

Nozdormu, Timeless One

The Aspect of Time from the Warcraft universe.

This Bronze dragon is able to travel through time, so I figured he was very “planeswalker-ish”. His abilities are all made to reflect his time manipulation powers.

Note that I use a Watermark to show from what universe the character on the card comes from. I think I will proceed like this from now on.

Nozdormu Timeless One

Mind Flayers

One of my favourite Dungeon & Dragons race deserved to be transformed into MtG cards. I really focused on their name to create the gameplay I wanted them to fit in. Without any surprise, they are obviously Blue and Black. They share a racial mechanic which I named Mindflay.





The Necrozi cycle

Created for the Winner Is The Judge #411: Evergreen Showcase Cycle on Reddit. The contest was to design a vertical cycle (common, uncommon, rare/mythic) that showcases one (or more) of the new evergreen abilities Menace, Scry and Prowess.I decided to use all three in a crescendo that represents the ascension of a Necroz Order initiate (monks that worship Death). To do so, I had to bring Prowess to black. In my opinion, casting noncreature spells is even closer to black than it is to white, so I don’t really break the pie here. It works both flavorfully and mechanically.