Aenyr v1.00 full visual spoiler (249/249)

After months of work, it’s finally time to release the full visual spoiler for Aenyr, my art-themed Magic: The Gathering set. This is version 1.00, which means it’s the first time all 249 cards are done.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the set is finished. I have to refine flavor texts, work on the story and still balance some cards out but most of the hard work is done. I’m also ready to start playtesting the set in paper with my playgroup!

This post contains some useful links concerning Aenyr such as v1.00 release notes and some other links for those who are interested in playtesting the set, and the full visual spoiler. Enjoy!



Some useful links before getting started

About Aenyr


Set download for digital play

  • Cockatrice XML file (Download it and save it in your C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Cockatrice\Cockatrice\customsets)
  • .ZIP images file (Download it and extract the images in a new folder called AYR which you have to create in C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Cockatrice\Cockatrice\pics\downloadedPics)


(Cards are obviously not for sale)

Note: To draft this set, I recommend boosters of 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare (with 1/8 chance to be a mythic) and using the basic land slot to put any nonbasic land from the set weighted by rarity to increase the fixing as it’s a multicolored set.


Even if white is often described as an uncreative color, I still managed to link it to some art forms. In Aenyr, white is mainly the color of Duelists and Dancers. White also features Music, which is present in all colors and represented by the Resonance mechanic and Bards.


Blue is one of the main colors of Music along with red. It also features Theatre, Circus, and Dreams.


Black doesn’t have one specific art form. It features many of them, but all aligned with black: ambition, amorality… Black is the color because of which the Kirsus Troupe has been corrupted by Skiv, so it also gets Circus cards.


Red, being the color of emotions, is the primary color of Aenyr. It bleeds a little in the other colors here, similar to black in Innistrad or green in Zendikar. Red has Dance, Passion, Music, Circus, Painting and even… Cooking?


Green is the color of contemplation and nature. Its art forms are always closely related to that. Writing, Storytelling and Poetry are green.


Multicolored cards can represent many things in Aenyr, but mostly inspiring creatures, spells and phenomenons. A multicolored card can be a good piece of art or what good pieces of art are made from, etc.  Some multicolored cards are also “normal” cards that draw their own magic from more than one color, allowing them to have access to more art and be more inspired than monocolored creatures.


Hybrid cards aren’t flavorfully different from multicolored cards. They are mostly this way for mechanical reasons and interactions with Imaginarium and Virtuoso.



Logo designed by Oddsbod
Boosters designed by Inanimate
Set by Zervintz, 2016


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